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Materials 3 images


Take along this arrow to where remember you have remained



1 - Save in the designated folder and open in PSP


2 - Open a New Image 600 Width x 800px height Select All


3 - Open your background (green) Edit Copy and Paste into Selection Select None



4 - Open Camille Layers load Mask from disk 20-20 mask Delete Layer Yes


5 - Edit Copy Paste As New Layer and move it over to the left


6 - Open the fruit basket Layers Load Mask from disk 20-20 Layer Delete


7 - Edit Copy Paste As New Layer and move it slightly upwards and to the right


8 - Layers Merge Merge All Layers


9 - Add Borders 1px #7b761f   #15 px #304023  1px #7b761f


10 - Open your font CupieDoll or one of your own favorites


11 - Typ name or your own name and a watermark if you like


12 - Drop Shadow V1 H1 O100 B1 Color Black


13 - Layer merge Merge All Layers


14 - Resize Image Height 500px Width will automatically adjust


15 - Save a jpg file


OK, all done it was a short one but with a nice eefect


I hope you'll enjoy doing this tut and that it was understandable the way it was written 



Love from Hanny and good luck!


Tested by Elly Holtrop



Translated by Tini