Mystic Witch





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Take along this arrow to where remember you have remained




1 - Open a New Image 800x600px


2 - Foreground #16151b Background  #55687e


3 - Foreground/Background Gradient- Corner 45 Repeats 3 Invert Checked.


4 - Fill with the Gradient


5 - Adjust Blur Gaussian Blur 20


6 - Effects L&K Landsiteof Wonders-Paris


7 - Open your Template Edit Copy and Paste as New Layer Duplicate and move slightly down.


8 - Layers duplicate and move it top left Layers Duplicate and again move it slightly down.


9 - Layers Merge Merge Visible Layers.


10 - Open your Witch tube and Resize height 600px  All Layers checked Width will adjust automatically


11 - Edit Copy and Paste as New Layer move it to the left


11 - b -Layers Merge All Layers Add Border 1px #16151b -15px #55687e - 1px  #16151b


12 - Select the 15px wide border with the Magic Wand


13 - Effects Filter Greg's FactoryOutput Vol2 Poolshadow standaard default Select None Layers Merge All Layers


14 - Open font of your choice I used C K Boutique size 72


15 - Type text or your own name and add if you like your watermark


16 - Drop Shadow V1 H1 O100 B1 Color Black Resize Image Height 500px Width will automatically adjust


17 - Save as jpg file compression 20


Ok, that's it for this tut I hope you enjoyed it and that it was written clearly enough to understand


Good luck and love from Hanny


Translated by Tini