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Take this arrow as a reminder where you are at



1 - Open a new image 800 high and 600 wide

2 - Set your foreground to #eccb41 and background to #64ca69


3 - Fill your layer  with #64ca69

4 - Open the flower, Copy Paste as new layer; lower the layer opacity to
50 % and luminance old


5 - Effects- Andrews filter 8 - Tow The Line flower layer - default settings

6 - Open the lady tube Image -Resize 600 high; Copy - Paste as new layer move this layer  to the right


7 - Open a new image 300 by 300 & lock aspect ratio not checked fill with #64ca69

8 - Layers Merge Layers

9 - Re-open your Lady tube -Image Resize 300 high- Edit Copy -Paste as new layer, slide it over to the right side of your image


10 - Image Add borders 1px #eccb41 1px #64ca69 - Edit- Copy -Edit - Paste as new layer onto your large image


11 - Layers  Duplicate layers ; Image Resize 80% - all layer not checked; move all items in the right place; Layers Merge all layers


12 - Open a font  of your choice and type your name or a text; Image Rotate  25 left

13 - Effects 3dEffects Drop shadow V1 H 1 O 100 B 1; Add a watermark if you like; Layers Merge all layers

14 - Image Add borders 1-px #eccb41; 15-px #64ca69; 1-px #eccb41

15 - Image Resize your choice I made mine 500px high; File Save to jpg

Wishing you lots of success with this tutorial and I hope that the steps were easy enough to follow  through.

With love, Hanny