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Save the materials in their designated folders



Take this arrow as a reminder where you are at


1-Open a New image 880 wide & 600 high; Select all 

2-Open the wallpaper; Edit Copy Paste into selection (ignore the lady in the picture there's going to be another one on top of it) 

3-Open  Blustery; Layers Load Mask from Disk 20-20; Layers Delete; Edit Copy Paste as new layer; Move it slightly to the left 

4-Image Resize All layers not checked 80%; In your layers palette lower opacity to 50 

5-Open Brandy; Layers Mask layer from disk 20-20; Delete layer; Image Resize 600 high and All layers checked

6-Edit Copy Paste as new layer; Move it to the right on top of the lady from the wallpaper, which now is no longer visible

Layers Merge All layers


7-Image Add Borders -  1pixel #531110- 15-pixels-#2e384a-1-pixel #531110 

8-Open a really nice  looking font of your choice and type Brandy or your name in it or perhaps a watermark, add a drop shadow if necessary


Layers Merge all layers; Image Resize I made mine 500px high- width will self adjust 

9-File Save as jpg Compression 20


That was it again, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it was well written enough to follow it through.


 Lots of success, love from Hanny