All other materials available  Here


Materials 1 graphic and 3 tubes, mask 20-20


Save the materials in their designated folders


Take this arrow as a reminder where you are at


Open the graphic and tubes in PSP



1 - Open a New image 800 wide and 600 high


2 - Set your Foreground color to #a5acac en Background color to #d8d7df


3 - Turn it into a Foreground-Background gradient angle 45 Repeats 3 Invert checked


4 - Select your paint bucket tool and fill with gradient


5 -Adjust Blur Gaussian Blur - 20


6 - Open the Naomi graphic, Load mask from disk 20-20; Delete mask layer; Edit Copy Paste as new layer


Is in the right place


7 - Select Raster 2 layer in your layers palette; Effects Texture effects Blinds W 5 - O 41 Color = White, Horizontal checked; Effects - Filters Unlimited 2 Andrews Filters 8 Tow the Line Layers Merge Merge visible


8 - Open your flowers tube; Edit Copy Paste as new layer; Move it into the left upper corner; Effects FM Tile Tools Blend Emboss default; Layers Duplicate move it slightly down and to the left; Repeat FM Tile Tools Blend Emboss


9 - Open the tube Ring; Image Resize 300px high and the width will self adjust; Edit Copy Paste as new layer; Colorize


10 - Ajust Hue & Saturation Colorize H175 S28; If necessary play with your sliders until you find a setting that you like; Layers Merge Merge visible layers


11 - Image Add borders -  1-pixel#d8d7d7 - 15 pixels #91918f - 1pixel #d8d7df



12 - Open your corner tube; Edit Paste as new layer slide it carefully into the top left corner; Effects Simple filters Top Left Mirror ; your corners are now set where they should be; Merge all layers



13 - Open a nice looking font of your choice and add the name Naomi or a watermark or your own name add a Drop shadow of your choice; Image Rotate Free - angle 25 - Left


14 - Image Resize to size of your choice mine is 500 wide; Save as JPEG Compression set to 20


In any event  I hope that you will enjoy this tutorial and that it was written easy enough for you to follow it through



Good luck and greetings from Hanny