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Filters: FM.TileTools Blend Embos



Materials :   2 tubes and a mask

Save them into the file of your choice 


Open in psp


Take along this arrow to where remember you have remained




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 Materials:  2 tubes and a mask

1-Open a new transparent image 800 x 600

2- Set foreground color to #0e0e0e and the background color to #d76337

3- Make a foreground/background gradient by clicking on your foreground color

4- Angle 45 repeats 3, invert checked

5- Use your paintbucket to fill the layer with your gradient

Adjust / blur / gaussian blur 30

6- Layer / New Raster Layer

fill with #d76337

7- Layers/Load save mask/ Load mask from disk: ‘geo 7’

8- Source Luminance, fit to canvas, hide all masks checked

9- Adjust / sharpness / sharpen more

10- Layers - delete -  merge group

11-Open SS_1560 misted Close watermark
Edit / copy
Image / mirror

Edit / paste as new layer place it in the middle of the right  grilled square. Behind the lines.  See example.

 12- Go to eraser tool and erase what is outside of the square.
 Move the layer down

13- Layers / merge / Merge all

 14-Open tube Ann_261107  Edit / copy

Paste as new layer move her to the left.  See example.

 15- Image / resize all layers:  height set to 555. The width will adjust itself

16- Place her on the proper place on the left.  See example.

 17- Merge all layers

18- Image / Add borders  1 pixel #0e0e0e

19- Image / Add borders 15 pixels #d76337

20- Image / Add borders 1 pixels met #0e0e0e

21- Go to the the text tool. Write a nice text or the name Belinda in a nice
font.  Add  a drop shadow 1-1-100-0
And then 2-2-70-5

22- Add your own name or watermark

23- Merge  all layers. Then resize the  image to  height 500 or 550.
The  width will adjust itself.

24- Save as jpg compression on 20

And your lesson is finished.  I hope you had a lot of fun with it.

With Love and friendly greetings,  Hanny