Always in my heart



All other materials available  HERE


Materials two tubes and two images


Masker 20-20


Save them into the file of your choice 

Open in psp


Take along this arrow to where remember you have remained




1 - Open a new transparant image 800 width x 600 height select all


2 - Open yokablendin, Copy and paste into the selection.


3 - Open the smoke image, resize to heigth 800 pix, masker load from disk, 20-20 merge group.


4 - Copy and paste this image as a new layer and put it to the right.


5 - Open the tube Woman, image mirror, copy and past as new layer, put it to the left side.


6 - Put your foreground color to #4d89b2 , ajust hue and sat. colorize K145  V101


7 - Open the flower, resize to 600 pix height, Copy and paste as new layer.

Put it to the right but not completely to the right.

Colorize like the lady above.


8 - Merge layers visible. Filters unlimited2 , andrews-8, 3d gliss natrequired


9 - Add borders 1 pix #adc9c9 , add border 15 pix #dfe1e1, add border 1 pix #adc9c9


10 -  Select the 10 pix border with your magic wand, effects gregs filters factory output vol 2,

 standard settings, add a dropshadow V1 H1 D100 V1


11 - Put a nice text on your creation with a font of your choice,

put your name and or watermark on it, and save as .jpg.



I hope you enjoy this tutorial and hope its clear enough explained.

I wish You a lot of succes, lovely greetings Hanny.


Tutorial translated by Azyzam Designs