Materials three images


 All other materials available  Here



Take along this arrow to where remember you have remained



1 - Open the images in psp



2 - Open a new transparant image 800 heigh 600 width



3 - Select all



4 - take the background jannet Copy and paste into the selection.


5 - Deselect.



6 - Take your image Jannet Jackson - image resize height 600 all layers checked



7 - Layers - load mask from disk 20-20



8 - Layers remove - copy and paste as new layer, fm tile tools blend emboss



9 - Put it to the left side.



10 - Open the image roos - resize height 300 - layers load mask from disk 20-20



remove layer



Ajust hue and sat. colorize k-3  v-111



11 - Copy and past as new layer, put it to the right side, above, duplicate layer and put it a little downwards, see example.




12 - Add border 1 pix color #ddaeab Add border 15 pix color #341c15



13 - Add border 1 pix color #ddaeab. Select the inner border, effects gregs filter factory output vol2 poolshadow



14 - Effects 3d effects dropshadow v1  h1  d100  color is black Deselect.



Take a font of your choise I took Cupidol



Put the text Janet Jackson or your own name. Merge all layers flatten.



Save as jpg compression is on 20, succes with this tutorial , its my first one, I hope ist clear enough for you.



If you use the script of Jetty M , you need 2 backgrounds, and two colors.



Many lovely greetings Hanny


Translated by Azyzam