1 Tube. A background and a texture

All other materials available  Here

Save them into the file of your choice 

Open in psp

Take along this arrow to where remember you have remained




1 - Open a new image Width  800, Height  600

Select all

2 Open Kickbot-freaky- background

3 Edit- Copy paste in to selection

4 Select none

4   Adjust Hue and Saturation - colorize

5 H255  - S 11

6 Layers duplicate ( shift D)

7 Image resize Height 200, Width will adjust

8 Image add borders #8c8383

9 -  Edit- Copy paste as new layer

10 Layers duplicate- put it in position , see example

11 Open 238_silvana_orsi_febrero_26_2009

12 -Image duplicate ( shift D)d

13 -  Image resize Height 250, Width will adjust

14- Edit- Copy paste as new layer

15 - put it in position

16 Layers duplicate mirror and put it in position

17 Layers merge merge all layers (flatten)

18 Image add borders 5 pixels #8c8383

17 Image add borders 50 pixels # 1d1b1b

17 - Image add borders 5 pixels #8c8383

18 Select large border with your magic wand

19 Materials - Open your texture as foreground color , click with your dropper in the # 8c8383 border

20 Select fill tool and flood fill the large border, now its filled with your texture

21 -  Select none

21 0pen Open 238_silvana_orsi_febrero_26_2009

22 - Image resize Height 625, Width will adjust

23 -  Edit- Copy paste as new layer

24 put it in position

25 Layers merge merge all layers (flatten)

26 Write a name with a nice font, add watermark and initials

27 Layers merge merge all layers (flatten)

28 Image resize Height 600, Width will adjust

29 Save as jpg,  compression value 2o

Nice short lesson with a beautiful result

The lesson is done, have fun Hanny


Translator Rita