One tear to many




All other materials available Here

1 tubes, a background and a font

Plug-ins Here

en Hier

Photoshop 2 bethanie

Save them into the file of your choice 

Open in psp

Take along this arrow to where remember you have remained




1 - Open a new image  800 w  600 h  select all 

2 Open JHanna-33-bground

3 - Edit - copy  and paste into selection

4 Effecten FM Tile Tool Blend Emboss

5 - Select none

6 -  Layer - merge-merge all layers (flatten)

7 - Image add borders 5 pixels #bcbbbc

8 - Image add borders 50 pixels #381f20

9 - - Image add borders 5 pixels #bcbbbc

10 Select the large border with your magic wand

11 Effects photoshop2 bethanie

12    Layer - merge-merge all layers (flatten)

13 Select text tool and write your name on it

Give it a drop shadow and add your watermark

14 -  Resize image  625 Height, width will adjust

15 - Save as  jpg,  compression 2o

Short simple lesson with a beautiful result


And your lesson is done


Have fun,.. love Hanny


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