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Materials an image and a tube no outside filters



Take along this arrow to where remember you have remained



1 - Open a New Image Height 800px and Width 600px Select All


2 - Open the Higher Realm image Edit Copy Paste Into Selection Select None


3 - Open the flower bopf. tube Edit Copy Paste As New Layer


4 - Move the flower to the left top Layers Duplicate Move down


5 - Set your Foreground to #ffff7a and your Background to #35364b


6 - Open up your font I used Choktoff font size 72


7 - Type name or your oewn name Effects 3D Effect Dropshadow V1 H1 O100 B1 color Black

    Add a watermark if you like.


8 - Layers Merge Visible Layers


9 - Add Borders 1px #ffff7a  15px #35364b 1px #ffff7a


1 0 - Layers Merge All Layers


11 - Image Resize Height 500px or any other choice Width will self adjust


12 - Save as jpg


This was another short but nice lesson I hope that you'll enjoy doing it

Much love Hanny


And that is was written clearly enough


Translated by Tini